Thursday, February 14, 2008

This Stinks!!!

You know how things work sometimes! Here you are pounding out all kinds of valuable information for your contact list. You send them referrals. You help them when they ask. And what does it seem like you get for all your hard work? NOTHING! And you start thinking, "THIS STINKS!"

It's my job to tell you not to give up! When I married my wife, I was told that marriage is a give and take. But I think it's more like a give, give, give and take! Networking relationships are like this too.

As networkers, it's not about "what can you do for me?" It's about "what can I do for you!" We shouldn't be keeping score!

Instead of waiting to see what your network might do for you this week, why not set a goal to do something for each of them? Don't wait to be repaid. If you keep giving, any help you need from your network will come!

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